Google: Evolution of the Web

To celebrate the third anniversary of Google Chrome, Google asked Hyperakt to create an interactive timeline that visualized the evolution of web browsers since 1990. My job as designer was to take two-decades worth of data on web technologies, internet users, and global internet traffic and visualize in a manner both comprehensive and compelling to the audience. The resulting piece, entitled Evolution of the Web, won Silver in Interactive Visualization from Internet is Beautiful in 2013 and was featured in Time, Forbes, and The Guardian. Launch Site
Data that moves

Each web technology is represented by a ribbon and each ribbon intersects a browser's timeline at the point in which the technology was introduced.

Night and day

The "lights out" toggle darkens the timeline for an alternate viewing experience.

Digging deeper

Roll over a ribbon to learn more about any given web technology.

A trip down memory lane

Every version of every browser is visually documented, reminding the audience how far the web has come since 1990.

More ways to learn

The internet's growth spurt is additionally communicated by showing the exponential increase of web traffic over time.