The Refugee Project

The Refugee Project is a self-initiated data visualization created by Hyperakt. Inspired by The UN Refugee Agency's work, Hyperakt took on the challenge of creating a compelling narrative from 40 years of their refugee data. As the lead UI/UX designer, my challenge was translating spreadsheets of raw data into an easily navigable visualization that tells the stories of these refugees: their origins, their destinations, and the world events that instigated their diaspora. Launch Site
The Dashboard

The backbone of The Refugee Project is a world map that visualizes refugee numbers by region using circles at different scales. A timeline below provides easy navigation from year to year. Headlines atop provide the historical context.

Viewing Migration Paths

By hovering over a region, one can instantly see the origin and destination of all refugees traveling to and from the selected territory.

Providing Historical Context

By clicking on a region, one can dive deeper into a country's history and read articles that explain migration patterns during select years.